Workshop on Addressing Climate Change – SAVWA ,South Africa

Local Action Type: Workshop 

Date: Nov 26 , 2022

Local Action Discerption:

The workshop had local participants mostly unemployed youth from the community who are active citizens but feel isolated. We have various actions as a community organization that we are obliged to conducted for social enhancement of the youth. The youth need to be encouraged to address various needs such as community gardening projects that they can start in their own backyards. Yes issue of employment is affecting almost all around the world but the young people need encouragement and ideas to motivate them to become active participants in the community they stay.

The workshop was set up as growing needs to address things that we are seeing around our community. There are opportunities that we would like the young people to be involved in and the community garden initiative is something we want them to consider. We are showing them ideas to think for themselves collectively and giving them a platform to meet up and brainstorm their ideas.


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