Advocacy Asks

“All advocacy is, at its core, an exercise in empathy” – Samantha Power

The CCIVS Strategic Plan (2022 – 2027) recognises the importance of advocacy to generate a positive impact within the network, its members and to position CCIVS as a credible actor that pursues its mission and vision, an INGO focused on peace and environmental projects that empowers young people, volunteers, activists to stand up and speak out for the issues they care about.

“CCIVS builds a global inclusive community of changemakers who contribute to a peaceful, just and regenerative world through International Voluntary Service” 

  • CCIVS vision

“CCIVS strengthens International Voluntary Service worldwide by connecting and empowering its members, promoting and advocating for International Voluntary Service and its values locally and globally”

  • CCIVS mission

Strategic goal 2 – Making the voice of IVS organisations heard (p. 28 – 29, SP)

Advocacy means giving people support to have their voices heard: it starts with empowering individuals and communities to understand their rights and to express their views and to collectively define their vision, goals and advocacy asks. A successful advocacy strategy builds on a problem and context analysis, research, campaigning, networking & alliances building, lobbying.

Proposals for Advocacy Asks generated during the Regenerate Reconcile project include:

> We work to encourage policy makers to: 

  • recognise the role that volunteers play in building resilient communities; specifically their work for ecosystem restoration, and soil regeneration;

  • ensure a clear commitment in creating specific policies to limit environmental impacts including pollution prevention, promotion of reduce and reuse for waste reduction.

  • accompany communities in their food sovereignty by supporting regenerative agriculture, natural gardening, composting and no pesticide use

  • create an enabling environment for civil society engagement in environmental sustainability through sufficient political space and adequate funding – including an appropriate support for research and education and volunteer action;

  • boost community awareness of environments at risk and enable people to speak out and take advocacy actions.

The Soil4Life Manifesto is a powerful tool for advocacy, a call to positive action, and good practice on our living Earth. CCIVS recognizes and acknowledges the work of people actively engaged in restoring balance and justice, who work the land and together regenerate soil and ecosystems, as well as those who volunteer for this essential cause.

Watch the video “I support the soil4life manifesto…. “ to discover the reasons behind individuals’ signatures on the Soil4Life Manifesto.