Earth Advocacy Mentorship Programme

The Earth Advocacy, 6-month mentorship programme empowered young people, volunteers, activists, CCIVS member organisations and individuals to plan their local actions and to become Living Earth Ambassadors. In partnership with the LIFE programme of the European Union and The Living Earth Campaign (LIVE) which is the vehicle that CCIVS used to continue with the advocacy work for the Soil4Life Manifesto so that it can be taken to regional, local, national and international decision-makers.

Two experts on soil ecology, and advocacy mentored the participants in bi-monthly (every 2 weeks) sessions that empowered them to understand soil, ecology and advocacy, and to create and implement local actions, report on their actions and engage local/regional/national decision-makers.

The final aim is to share a common vision and to support young people and activists who speak out and take actions on behalf of Earth by channeling their energy and enthusiasm to advocate for their own cause and to create an impact.

Session 1: Open session
Session 2: Soil & relationships
Session 3: Soil & Ecosystem
Session 4: Advocacy I
Session 5: Advocacy II
Session 6: Actions for Earth Advocacy
Session 7: Action plan
Session 8: Detailed actions planning

*Due to technical and connection issues unfortunately we were unable to record these 2 sessions

Session 9: Fundraising
Session 10: Action plan /Actions for Earth Advocacy
Session 11: Follow up, Action plan /Actions for Earth Advocacy
Session 12: Final