International Workcamp – SAVWA ,South Africa

Local Action Type: Workcamp

Date: Dec 2 – 15, 2022

Local Action Discerption:

The first few day’s participants hand an opportunity to share how gender plays in our communities. Issues around equality remains an issue as most of the African participants will not agree to some of the ideas that still remain to be achieved to clearly address equality. 

We carried our permaculture workcamp with creation on hot compost and making necessary work which was shared amongst the participants. It was all hands on with creating learning new techniques using no dig method and using card boxes to lay the grass and compost we had created the previous week.

After we two weeks together participants had an opportunity to share ideas and learn from each other actions that they will be able to take home and implement in their communities. It was an opportunity to really work hard on hands on training rather that sharing online ideas and not been able to carry forward these actions fully.
We are working on creating a toolkit on permaculture course we have had several trainings and its high time the content is placed online for example on Moodle course and in a way this development will be carried forward with updates for examples.
This workcamp gave an opportunity to address issues of climate change in our community of Soshanguve and share ideas with local participants as well the international community to know that every action we as communities partake is important for future generations.

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