Workcamp – SCI Catalunya

Local Action Type: Workcamp

Date: July 4 – July 14, 2022

Local Action Discerption:

Living in harmony with nature: this is what it meant to participate in the eco-camp in Envall.

The project “Youth Green Deal” is created by organizations that are part of the MIDI working group of SCI. Four eco-camps have been organized within this project and one of these is the Eco-camp

in Catalonia together with Envall cooperative. All the activities of the camp were in line with the principles and values of the cooperative to go back to nature to live in respect and harmony with the natural environment and to be as much as possible self-sustainable, and the hostel only offered vegetarian food. All vegetables and other ingredients are always locally produced, making this project quite unique. This environment certainly helped the volunteers who participated in the camp to have an immersive experience in the world of sustainability together with the local community of Envall. 

The volunteers carried out the tasks with passion and always respecting nature and the animals around them. They had contact with natural materials, they had the opportunity to give shape to objects, they had the chance to create things out of nothing, be able to provide for their primary needs through the search for food, and always respecting the principles of permaculture. Obviously, the moments of work and study were complemented by moments of fun in which the participants shared games, dances, and characteristic aspects of their own cultures. This was just a step in the long journey toward the affirmation of a more ecological and sustainable way of volunteering. We can make it if we are together!


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