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Workshop on E- waste management for the young environmentalists – CLAP and Mihithala Mithuro, Sri Lanka

Local Action Type: Workshop on E- waste management for the young environmentalists

Date: Dec 12, 2022

Local Action Discerption:

Electronic waste management is highly important for the health of soil and the importance of proper discarding of e-waste seems not perceived well within the local community due to either lack of knowledge or ignorance. We identified the difficulties in access to standard recycling centers as one of the discouraging factors to establish the good practices of e-waste management in grassroot level. As the year 2023 was approaching ‘Mihithala Mithuro’ were planning to organise a meeting with young environmentalists to discuss an action plan. As per suggestions from ‘CLAP’ who took part in CCIVS earth Advocacy mentorship program, action for soil conservation was included. Therefore, the silent threat of e-waste was chosen as the theme for the local action on World Soil Day. The online workshop series for each age group of young participants was planned with introduction to e-waste and common mispractices in e- waste management. The schoolers were encouraged to initiate the practice to collect e-waste in schools/ home and the information of recycling centers in Sri Lanka were disseminated during the webinar.

However, with the school time tables and the powercuts it was difficult to schedule the meetings in the month of December, thus we planned to continue the rest of the webinars during school vacation in first term of 2023. The students were engaging well with the Q&A and their feedback was really encouraging for the organisers. We expect to bring awareness on the mportance of 3R concept and inspire young generation to initiate the practice of proper waste management, especially electronic waste.



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