Climate Change messages workshop – One World Association, Poland

Local Action Type: Workcamp

Date: 19,21,22 Dec 2022, 9 Jan 2023

Local Action Discerption:

Young people raise their voices to save the Planet!

The One World Association in Poland puts efforts into raising awareness about climate change and provides workshops and activities to involve communities in the topic and action. As part of our activities, we came up with the idea to organize school workshops in English about climate change and the state of soil.  The high school students of a local school in Pniewy, Wielkopolska region took part in non-formal education workshops about the environment and eco-volunteering. They had a chance to reflect on climate change  and share their concerns with their peers. The second stage of the activity involved a creative workshop where students prepared posters and drawings  with messages and call for action to protect the planet. Their artworks focused on saving oceans, forests, and the planet. There was an official school exhibition with an opening and a tasty cake with a group photo. 

Young people have their part in saving the earth. They  take initiative and are willing to take actions. One of the drawings shows the earth held in a heart-shaped hand with a message: There is no Planet B. 


Watch the local action video

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