Voice of Nature Artivist : Tony Patrick GOUPIL

  • Your name

Tony Patrick GOUPIL


  • Tell us a little bit about your background…

I studied modern literature and I work now for a French Youth organization.


  • Please share one thing you love about the world today …

Take a black coffee and read the newspaper in a nice coffee place on a Sunday morning. 


  • Please share one of the things that concern you about the world today…

 Cats and dogs still abandoned on the street.


  • How would you describe your art? What is the message you would like people to receive when seeing/hearing/ experiencing your artwork?
Close to naive art.

  • What motivates you to use your art on behalf of nature?

I am more confident doing art that going in the street.


  • Is there any other area of your life where you are taking action on behalf of our living Earth?

Trying to do my best at least at home and at my job! 


  • What brings you joy?

Sometimes video games that lead me in a fantasy world!

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