Voice of Nature Artivist : Luyolo Barney

  • Your name

My name is Luyolo Barney and my surnames are Lengisi Hawule I was born, bred and buttered in Langa, My family is originally from Ngcobo in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

  • Tell us a little bit about your background…

 I am an Activist, Artist, Feminist, Spiritualist, Motivator, Mentor and young vibrant leader. I’m a Cofounder of #Langaformen, Founder of #Emthonjeni Art Production, Siyakhathala Community Kitchen Secretary, IthongolikaNtu Exercutive member, Afrikan Young Indigenous Leader Youth Representative in Western Cape, Lovelife Arts and Culture Role Model In Western Cape, TooMuch Wifi Langa Board member and Organic Humanity Movement National Exercutive Council Member.

  • Please share one thing you love about the world today …

 I love nature for reviving me and giving me hope when no one else was there.


  • Please share one of the things that concern you about the world today…

 I am concerned about the people that are destroying the world for their own selfish desires to get richer and richer while the people and nature are marginalised and dying.


  • How would you describe your art? What is the message you would like people to receive when seeing/hearing/ experiencing your artwork?
My art is the medicine to those that are in need and those that are eager to change the world to be a better place. My art is the soul healer. When people see, hear, and experience my artwork I want them to feel safe, change and get their healing. 
  • What motivates you to use your art on behalf of nature?

Nature is beautiful and it is indeed helping most of us to stay alive and that is one of the things that motivates me to use art on behalf of nature, to get as many people as I can to connect them with nature as I know being disconnected to nature results in disaster and failure in life.

  • Is there any other area of your life where you are taking action on behalf of our living Earth?

I am connecting different people from different places with nature through hosting gatherings around sacred places of our land such as Caves, Oceans, Forests and many more different places. I have a clean up project where we climb the mountains and clean with young boys and men.


  • What brings you joy?

Helping people gives me joy. 

Luyolo Barney Lengisi Hawule on Facebook and Instagram Langaformen on Facebook and Instagram 0763529784 on WhatsApp and for calls

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