A workshop on permaculture – SAVWA, South Africa


Date:  Dec 2 – 15 Dec, 2022

Location:  Pretoria, South Africa

Local Action Discerption:

People of all social groups, ages, and ethnicities can understand the language of permaculture: planting, growing, watering, caring for the soil and harvesting are tasks every permaculturist must undertake. Doing these small things in a community or neighbourhood garden almost automatically causes people to exchange their knowledge. They can work as a sort of ‘future lab’ and contribute to creating the fresh minds which are needed to create urban communities that cross economic, educational, and cultural divides.

We will have a group of young people from local and international community work for two weeks to address issues of permaculture

Website: www.savwa.org.za



Dec 02 - 15 2022


All Day


Pretoria, South Africa
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