Use of chemicals in agriculture activities by Cephas Amoaior


It is usually a normal human tendency to solve problems  with little or no stress. To satisfy this humanity’s desire, science and technology have been very helpful in proffering such solutions. 

More often than not, we humans are carried away by their immediate benefits (scientific solutions,) and ignore the many potential threats  those discoveries pose on us and the planet. 

In Nigeria, especially in States like Benue, Taraba, Ondo etc where the major occupation of the people is farming, lack of soil education has caused many farmers ( at least 90%) to commit various “soil crimes” out of ignorance.

These group of farmers are mostly peasant farmers who cultivate ostensibly for survival. In order to cultivate a large area of land for bountiful harvest, they use a lot of chemicals on the farm thereby causing harm to the soil;  from spraying herbicides on the green grass, to burning the dead grass before cultivating. 

This crude and dangerous method has threatened the health of the soil in so many ways:

Destruction of some plant species

  • Destruction of microorganisms 
  • Destruction of soil organisms 
  • Destruction of soil nutrients
  • Exposing the soil to natural disasters like erosion and wind etc. 

My family was a good example, we committed these crimes but I want to join in ending it or at least reducing it to the barest minimum. With my present knowledge and passion for climate change


I think it is imperative for earth advocates from this clime to launch a campaign to educate the farmers on the right approach to interact with the soil. 

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