Voice of Nature Artivist : Khandiz Joni

         The I AM IMPACT Project by Khandiz Joni

  • Your name

Khandiz Joni

  • Tell us a little bit about your background…

I am a Chartered Environmentalist, independent sustainability professional and multidisciplinary artist, but I call myself a Creative Sustainableist.

I work with both businesses and individuals to transform their vision into one that stimulates social, environmental and economic cohesion. My approach is to design creative solutions that are ‘conducive to happiness’ and have a positive impact on all Life.

I have been a hair and makeup artist for two decades. Before studying makeup, I attended art school. My work marries conceptual art and thought-provoking narratives using eco-beauty alternatives. My entry into conscious beauty stems from a life-long interest in environmentalism.

I have been experimenting with natural beauty brands since 2006. In 2012 I moved to London from my native Cape Town and actively switched out my professional kit. My editorial and commercial clients include Harpers Bazaar Japan, Fashion Revolution, Absolution Cosmetics, Twelve Beauty and Hunger Magazine.

I have been working with an exclusively green, conscious kit since 2014 after systematically replacing mainstream and conventional brands. I have committed to finishing my kit, at which time I will no longer be a commercial makeup artist and will instead focus on sustainability consultancy work.

Khandiz is a registered Chartered Environmentalist. She holds a certificate from Cambridge University’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership, is certified by the Carbon Literacy Project as ‘Carbon Literate’, and has a Diploma SBP qualification from IEMA.

Passionate about storytelling, creative thinking and systems change, culminating in her entrepreneurial spirit. She was a founding member of A Novel Approach, an award-winning creative consultancy for eco-ethical fashion and beauty brands, was the Editor of Untainted Magazine and guest-writes about sustainable beauty for WGSN and other publications.

You can read more about Khandiz´s life journey here https://vujadecreative.solutions/about-khandiz/

  • Please share one thing you love about the world today …



  • Please share one of the things that concern you about the world today…

Divisiveness; as it limits our collective opportunity to make meaningful change for every living thing on this planet.


  • How would you describe your art? What is the message you would like people to receive when seeing/hearing/ experiencing your artwork?

My art – regardless of the medium – is always an invitation to be inquisitive. To me, one of the great advantages of art is that it is subjective, and in being subjective, it offers the viewer an opinion. But it also offers them an opportunity to sit with their opinion and question why it makes them feel a certain way. Which in turn allows them to question and challenge long-held beliefs, and the possibility of seeing things from a new perspective.

  • What motivates you to use your art on behalf of nature?

My art is rooted in humanity. Humanity – and all life – depends on nature. We are of it. We are in it. How can I create art that depicts humanity if I am not examining our very reliance on nature?

  • Is there any other area of your life where you are taking action on behalf of our living Earth?

Everything I do, in every aspect of my life and work is dedicated to serving to regenerate living systems, and making this planet we share a happier – eudemonic – place to be. It’s a vocation. I can’t help myself.


  • What brings you joy?

Seeing people’s expressions when they learn, and understand, a new concept, idea or opportunity. The journeying towards simplicity and clarity (in all contexts) also brings me joy.

Links to website/social media/contact:

www.iamimpactproject.org / IG:  @iamimpactproject

www.vujadecreatives.solutions / IG @khandiz


The I AM IMPACT Project_Biodiversity: Bees & Buildings

Photography: Aks Hucklberry 

Global Citizen: Liz Bigonova

Bodypainting & Concept: Khandiz Joni


The I AM IMPACT Project_Biodiversity:Fisheries

Photography: @planetaks

Global Citizen: @elliottlevrai  

Bodypainting & Concept: Khandiz Joni


The I AM IMPACT Project_Water Security: Body of Water

Global Citizen: @planetaks

Photorgraphy, Bodypainting & Concept: Khandiz Joni


Land-systems Change: Lungs

Global Citizen: Ethan Samuel Jacobs

Photorgraphy, Bodypainting & Concept: Khandiz Joni

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